Water Supply

We will always provide you with enough safe water. Not just to drink and wash with, but to fuel our hospitals, our schools, and the businesses that power Yorkshire’s vibrant economy.

But to continue to meet the demands of our growing population and the challenging weather patterns, there is work to do.

That's why goal 2 of our 5 big goals is water supply.

You told us that one of your priorities is a secure supply of drinking water with minimal disruptions. We listened.

The average interruption to water supply will reduce from 9.47 minutes in 2017 to 2 minutes by 2025.

With Yorkshire's growing population in mind, we will offset 5% of current demand on drinking water with non-potable water. This will create extra drinking water for 4,000 new homes.

Goal #2 - Water Supply

How will we know we're getting it right?

We plan to reduce leakage by 40% by 2025 through innovative new techniques to find and fix leaks quicker on our pipes.

And we’re going to help repair more of our customers own private pipes aiming for 8,000 a year by 2025.

We will also work to reduce water consumption in Yorkshire.

You already help us achieve one of the lowest average water consumptions per person in Yorkshire. Working together with you and your communities we hope to lower this by another 10% by 2025.

Start saving today and head over to our website to order your free water saving pack.

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