The people of Yorkshire depend on us to provide fresh, clean water to their homes every day, so it’s our duty to be straightforward about how we’re doing.

That's why we are setting our own ambitions and continuing to be a global benchmark for openness and transparency.

We’ll be the among the first to publish comprehensive data reports for our customers. They will detail everything from environmental performance and finance to diversity in the workplace.

Unlike most companies you do business with, you can’t choose water supplier, so we owe it to you to be dependable and trustworthy about our performance.

You have a right to know what goals we’re working towards and that we’re operating to the highest standards.

We will engage openly with you and our stakeholders to understand what you want from us and how well you feel that you understand who we are and what we do.

Senior managers and directors will always be accessible and will attend regular events to listen to your thoughts and concerns.

We aim to be “self-assured” by OFWAT in January 2019. This means that OFWAT believes we are providing high standards of transparency, accuracy, and accessibility of our published data.

Goal #4 - Transparency

How will we know we're getting it right?

We will benchmark our standards of openness and transparency against top performers in both the public and private sectors in the UK and internationally.

We are committed to becoming the first in the industry to publish its workplace diversity report. We have already published data on our gender pay gap, with plans for releasing our ethnic pay gaps as well.

To continue to be a leader in transparency and openness we can reduce our ethnic and gender pay gaps even further, publishing stretching targets annually.

The aim is to give you complete confidence in the company who supply your water.

By challenging our industry to be open about the data we hold and publish, we hope to set an example for big businesses up and down the country.

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