The people of Yorkshire are the lifeblood of our operation. The more we listen to what you expect from us, the more personal our service can be.

Whether it’s being clear on our plans for the environment or offering more convenient ways to pay or get in touch, the needs of our customers come first.

But we understand that no one-service-fits-all, and we need to meet the needs of Yorkshire's diverse communities.

We'll make sure everyone can access a personalised service 24 hours a day. Thinking innovatively about how we deliver our services will improve efficiency and keep our customers' bills as low as possible.

We want more customers to be aware of our priority services register. This special service provides extra help for our most vulnerable customers. Especially those who may not realise they could benefit.

From providing temporary water if the supply is interrupted to help reading meters and understanding bills.

The service will also protect customers from bogus callers and provide help to those who need it most. It's all part of our plan to improve the lives of the people we serve.

Goal #1 - Customers

How will we know we're getting it right?

We're aiming for 95% satisfaction by 2025 for all customers who use the priority services register.

We are playing a wider role in caring for customers in our communities. We will have the industry's first safeguarding officer and a new approach to empowering our team to make a difference in our customer's lives.

Our goal isn't just about being the best water company. We will measure our performance through the UK Customer Satisfaction Index to go head to head with companies across the UK.

Keeping the dialogue open will help us make sure we are creating the right future for Yorkshire.

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